Welcome! You are here for a reason. Now is the time to answer your divine call! I have set up portals for you to energetically connect to so you can begin releasing the darkness to step into the light. The more that connect and begin healing the bigger the ripple will be for the human collective! Connect with all our outlets to heal as deeply as possible. Remember what you give to this mission you receive back in healing. This works both ways so come at this with openness and love. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you! 

I invite you to assist us in raising the frequency of the planet and the human collective. This is a space where we consciously connect as one and receive knowledge (Light of the God Source).

To start healing and anchoring light, you must have an open mind; the more open you are, the more healing you receive. You must be a subscriber to receive any healing, this is an energetic contract of the One. We operate through natural, universal and cosmic laws (Law of One).

To heal as profoundly as possible, make sure you:

  1. Show up every week for yourself; we must show spirit we are serious by investing time and energy.
  2. When you jump on the Stream say hi and let us know where you are watching from (live or replay). Anything entered in the comments is healed.
  3. Share this Stream on your socials and any spiritual groups you are in that allow sharing. What you give, you get back in healing. Again, we operate through complete balance, and energy exchange is essential- you get what you give. Also, the more beings that join us, the higher the frequency of knowledge we all get access to and our force grows stronger.

I am creating an energetically protected space for the beings that know they came here for big things. Whether you identify as a Chosen One, 144000, Starseed, Earth Angel, Spiritual Seeker, Lightworker, shadow worker and the list goes on. We all incarnated in different matrix programs to dismantle the old world system and build the new earth. It is now time that we all unify and work together as ONE! 

  1. Join our Facebook Group
  2. On the Pinned Post, say hi or create a post introducing yourself
  3. Interact, and ask any questions about Life, Healing, Ascension, and Evolution! We are all here to help each other grow and expand the collective consciousness of the planet.

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